High School Equivalency

Congratulations on taking the next step forward in your career and education by completing your High School Equivalency Test!

The High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) is provided by FVCC for students to earn a high school equivalency diploma.

Montana residents 19 years or older may register for tests at hiset.ets.org. Montana residents age 16 to 18 must contact us below for paperwork requirements prior to registering for testing.

General HiSET Information

Scheduling Your Test

When you are ready to take the HiSET, you will first visit hiset.ets.org to create an account, register and pay for testing. Your name for this account must match your Montana state or tribal issued picture ID. Check your HiSET account for testing locations. In-person testing is available at FVCC and Libby campuses.


Computer-based tests are $10.75 each for 5 tests totaling $53.75. HiSET fees are paid through your HiSET account when testing is scheduled. An additional $5 per test fee is due to the Business Office on or before testing day if testing at FVCC.

On Testing Day

Make sure to bring the following items to your scheduled test:

  • A valid Montana state or tribal issued picture ID
  • Your receipt from the Business Office for $5 per test fee(s) paid
HiSET Preparation
HiSET en Español

ASVAB, ESL and HiSET Preparation are all part of the Adult Education Program.

Connect with us at jwroble@fvcc.edu or 406.756.3884 for more information.