Start your career by taking classes at FVCC while gaining on-the-job training.

Apprenticeships are proven hands-on training programs designed to provide industry and business-specific skills necessary for a successful career.

An apprenticeship combines on-the-job training with technical education plus scheduled wage increases: the more skills and knowledge you gain, the more money you make.

Current Apprenticeship Programs

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Apprenticeship works when an apprentice (you) is employed by a sponsoring business that provides paid on-the-job training that coincides with classroom learning.

The apprentice and sponsoring business agree on the terms and conditions of the Apprenticeship Standards, which the employer uses to register their apprenticeship program with the Montana Registered Apprenticeship Program.

The Apprenticeship Standards lays out the wage scale, length of apprenticeship, work process schedule and competencies, related instruction, and responsibilities of both the employer and the apprentice.
Begin the career you want while taking FVCC classes and learn essential skills while earning a salary.

With a progressive wage scale, the more you learn in the classroom and on the job, the more money you make. Many employers pay for the educational costs of their apprentices or offer tuition reimbursement.

According to Montana Registered Apprenticeship, apprentices earn an average of $20,000 more than the state-wide average wage - a difference of $600,000 over a 30-year career.
Anyone looking to begin a new career or upgrade their skills to advance in their current job can apprentice.