Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC) Apprentice, CTS

Completion of this program satisfies the Montana Department of Labor and Industry requirement for the educational component of the HVAC apprenticeship program. In conjunction with the required work experience, this program provides students the training necessary to work in the field of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration in residential and commercial applications. Upon completion of this program, students will be able to

  • Differentiate among the use of ammeters, voltmeters, watt meters, and multi-meters in testing and trouble-shooting electrical components;
  • Summarize the functional aspects of various electromechanical control systems;
  • Explain the fundamentals of operating a boiler;
  • Explain the significance of heating and cooling loads;
  • Interpret detailed instructions for electrical circuits; and
  • Explain the concepts of a refrigerant cycle diagram and label each of the basic components.
First Year


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