FVCC CARE Team (formerly BIT) is here to support FVCC students, faculty and staff.

The mission of the CARE Team (Coordination, Assessment, Response, and Education) is to promote a safe and productive learning, living, and working environment by addressing the needs of students through coordination and assessment of information and developing a supportive plan.

The CARE Team accepts referrals regarding individuals in distress or whose behavior raises concerns about their well-being or that of others.

The CARE Team also addresses behaviors or mental, emotional or psychological health conditions that may be disruptive, harmful or pose a direct threat or risk to the health and safety of the FVCC Community.

The team reviews reports about student behavior and determines the best course of action to support the student and intervene before the behavior escalates.

If you sense something that does not seem right, the team asks that you submit a CARE Referral or contact the FVCC CARE coordinator at (406) 756-3812.

CARE Team Incident Reporting Process

fvcc care team flowchart depicting the process for handling disruptive individuals and inappropriate behavior
FVCC CARE Team Incident Reporting Process

Meet the CARE Team