Senior Institute

The Senior Institute at FVCC is for community members 65+ and occurs annually in February and March. The Senior Institute is a vibrant community of older adults who are excited to learn, build relationships, and explore new ideas.

From long-time returning students to those new to FVCC, the Senior Institute is a welcoming community for anyone who is interested in learning new skills and growing their social network. Join us in the upcoming Senior Institute to see what the excitement is about!

Details and paper registration will be mailed out early January.

Senior Citizen Discount for FVCC Credit Courses

Adults 65 years of age and up who are residents of Flathead and Lincoln counties receive discounted tuition and fees when registering for credit courses. See the current Tuition and Fees Schedule for more information.

Senior Institute 2024

Fridays, February 16-March 22
Classes 1-3:05pm
Lunch program 12-12:50pm

Enrollment is limited - Registration begins February 1 by email, mail or in-person on campus.

Steps to Apply and Register

  1. If you are new to FVCC or have not enrolled in a credit course in the past two years, a non-degree application for admission is required.
  2. View classes and complete the registration form.
  3. Submit your completed registration form (and non-degree application if necessary) to FVCC:
2024 Class Titles & DescriptionsCourse #Instructor
Beginning Ukulele
Learn to play chords and various strums using fun songs and music theory as applied to ukulele. Bring your Soprano, Concert or Tenor ukulele to class—ukulele’s can be purchased at or rented online or from local music stores (please no plastic ukes). All other learning materials provided.
SR.81.2_01Dee Fleming
Birds of Northwest Montana
Learn about Northwest Montana’s beautiful birds. Gain insight into bird biology, behavior, song and identification. We’ll take an in-depth look at several native species as well as a wealth of other birds found in our area.
SR_82.1_01Denny Olson
The Complexity of Human-Animal Relationships
This short survey of the field of human-animal relationships focuses on animals’ lives and histories as they relate to numerous aspects of the human experience.
SR_88.6_01Ranell Mueller
Conflict Resolution in Global Hotspots, Then and Now
This course explores conflicts in places around the globe like Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Africa, and Israel/Palestine by examining how the conflicts started, the damage they’ve caused and how these regions might be able to move towards peace.
SR_80.9_01Jon Hatch
Glacier Park: Transcending Time
This course is a historical exploration of connections between geographic landscapes, emerging states and early communities (including Fort Benton, Bannack and Virginia City) and the creation of Glacier National Park.
SR_88.4_01Sharon Randolph
Reconstruction and the Rise of the Jim Crow South
The aftermath of the Civil War left the United States in political, social and economic devastation. An unprecedented dilemma faced the nation as it coped with the consequences of having 4 million enslaved people immediately freed. Federal activism clashed with vehement opposition from the recently defeated southern states in the era known as Reconstruction. This class will explore this episode in our history through original documents as we learn about how this vital time left a legacy that is still alive today.
SR_80.8_01Bruce Guthrie
Staying Sharp, Resilient and Happy while Aging
Through current scientific research and experiential learning, gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others through Brain Dominance Patterning. Learn simple, profound tools to stop stress, maintain physical and mental agility, stay healthy and remain curious and joyful as you age and share your wisdom.
SR_82.6_01Carla Hannaford
Tech Savvy Seniors
As more and more everyday processes are moved to online, this course will help seniors improve their ability to navigate and efficiently use technology. Students will learn how to effectively use smart phones, tablets, and/or personal computers for a variety of daily activities such as scheduling appointments, participating in virtual medical visits, engaging in online classes, shopping, and connecting with family and friends, all while keeping safe online. Technology is a useful tool for seniors in their daily lives and in achieving a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. Students may bring their own phones, tablets, or computers, or they may use the FVCC computers.
SR_86.5_01Amelia Ward
Watercolors for Seniors
A study of the materials and techniques of transparent watercolor with a variety of subject matter considered. No previous experience needed.
SR_83.1_01Karen Leigh
Creative Writing for Seniors
Learn how to write and edit a variety of poems and short fiction through guided exercises and examples in a workshop setting.
SR_87_01Kathy Dunnehoff

Connect with us at or 406.756.3832 for more information.