Core Complete

If you plan to transfer to a Montana college, save time and money by completing the general education core (Gen Ed Core) at FVCC.

This group of 30 credits is a required component of all undergraduate degrees and offers foundational knowledge to support success in college and a career.

Core Options

FVCC students may choose between two, 30-credit Gen Ed Core options, depending on their transfer goals: FVCC Core or Montana University System (MUS) Core. Once completed, both cores transfer to any MUS college as a guarantee that the lower-division Gen Ed Core requirements have been met: Core Complete!

Students who complete 20 or more credits in the MUS Core, and plan to transfer without earning an AA or AS degree, should talk with an academic advisor and connect with the registrar and advisors at their new institution to complete the MUS core.

As a public institution legally committed to church-state separation, FVCC cannot accept as fulfilling the Humanities requirement those doctrinally-oriented courses in religion, scripture study and theology which are taught at Bible schools, seminaries, and theological institutes or which are directed primarily toward training clergy and lay missionaries in a specific faith or set of religious beliefs.

Contact an advisor to learn more about Core information and requirements.