Whether you are transferring to FVCC or earning FVCC credits to transfer elsewhere, we’re here to help you succeed.

Start at FVCC and go anywhere.

Whether you want to stay in Montana or go out of state, we guide you through the transfer process. Let us help connect you with the best campus resources and advisors at your next institution.

To get started with your transfer plan or just see what's available, schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Transfer Options

Transfer agreements (also known as articulation agreements) help ensure that students won’t have to retake successfully completed courses or earn additional credits in order to transfer to a four-year school as a junior in a specific program. FVCC has partnered with several institutions to create guaranteed transfer agreements in a variety of programs.

These agreements specify which lower-division courses students must complete at FVCC before transferring to the specified four-year institution.

View programs that have transfer agreements.

Year One

Fall Semester

  • Work on Gen Ed requirements
  • Take a few classes that are required by your major
  • Connect with your faculty advisor to discuss courses and pathways relevant to your goals
  • If you are undecided on your major, take the initiative to explore a few areas of interest, take assessments and talk to your advisor

Spring Semester and Summer

  • Research potential transfer schools
  • Understand residency and tuition costs
  • Find application deadlines and requirements
  • Find scholarship opportunities and deadlines
  • Verify pre-requisites and lower division requirements for your major
  • Research housing, if needed
  • If you can, schedule college visits or check with TRIO about visits to UM and MSU
  • Look into service learning or undergraduate research to build your experience next year

Year Two

Fall Semester

  • October: apply for FAFSA by December 1
  • October and November: ask for scholarship recommendations from faculty
  • November and December: begin admissions applications, request transcripts and send ACT or SAT scores if required
  • December and January: apply for scholarships
  • Apply for graduation from FVCC

Spring Semester and Summer

  • Graduate with your FVCC class and celebrate your accomplishment!
  • Plan to attend an orientation at your university
  • Connect with campus resources, such as a TRIO program, at your university

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Transfer to FVCC

To transfer credits to FVCC, you must:

Transcripts should be submitted at least 30 days before the semester begins. Credits will be evaluated by the Admissions and Registration Office and accepted according to current scholastic standards. The evaluation will be posted on your Student Portal.

Learn about the transfer appeal process, military credits, AP/IB credits, and more details about transferring to FVCC in College Regulations.