Customized Team Training

Teams that learn together work better and more effectively for your organization. Let FVCC help you create the team training that you need to succeed.

FVCC’s customized team training allows your business or organization to achieve your goals and benefit through increased operational efficiency, improved employee skills and morale, and a shared common mission.

Consider how they can support the goals you have for your business or organization!

If you would like to create training that will meet your specific, unique training objectives, FVCC Continuing Education offers Customized Training options.

Here are some success stories:

  • A local non-profit wanted to elevate the level of customer service in the organization. We customized an existing 3-hour program for their front-line staff and created a new 3-hour program for their supervisory staff.
  • A local bank wanted to create a career development program for future potential leaders in their business. We paired a variety of industry trainers and faculty with administrative team leaders from the bank to create a 9-month series.
  • A local timber company needed their operators to achieve a higher level in their licensing and knew other businesses in the area would also benefit from such training. We created the curriculum they needed, had it approved by the State, and led every student to pass their licensing exam.

We’d love to match your business training objectives with a skilled instructor or industry trainer. View the FVCC Team Training brochure.

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