Online Learning

FVCC online learning happens through Eagle Online to bring college to your fingertips. You and your advisor can build a fully online or partially online schedule to meet your needs, ideal if you are unable to come to campus class times, have a scheduling conflict, or just prefer an independent, flexible schedule.

There are different types of online learning:

  • Fully online courses have no requirement for coming to campus or meeting face-to-face with instructors, though are not self-paced. You are responsible for accessing your courses promptly and for meeting course due dates and deadlines.
    • These courses will have section numbers in the 80’s in semester schedules.
  • Hybrid courses are part in-person and part online. You’ll spend time completing the online requirement as well as some required meetings on campus.
    • These courses will have section numbers in the 90’s in semester schedules.
  • HyFlex courses offer you the option to choose fully online or fully in-person participation, or a combination of both. Classes occur on a set schedule and are not self-paced, but the manner of attendance is completely up to you.
  • Video conferencing courses are remote, live classes conducted at scheduled meeting times over Zoom or ITV (interactive television network between FVCC and partners at other locations.)

Check out the current Course Schedule to see FVCC classes offered online.

Tips & Tools for Online Learners

Online Orientation

Eagle Online Student Orientation is both a sample course and basic information about navigating and using Eagle Online. To view it as a guest

  1. Go to Eagle Online login page and enter: USERNAME: GUEST / PASSWORD: FVCCGUEST
  2. Select the silver START button under Learn to Use Eagle Online on the landing page.
  3. See if the online learning environment works for you.

Online Learning Expectations

  • Online classes open on the first day of the semester or scheduled start day of the class. Once enrolled in an online class, you are expected to log in to class on the first day and each following scheduled day of the course through Eagle Online.
  • Communicate with your instructor on a regular basis to ask questions, report issues, get clarification on assignments and to keep an open line of communication on course progress
  • Meet deadlines as indicated by your instructor
  • Respond to instructor email/feedback/communication and fellow student communication within 48 hours

Online Accessibility

We are committed to ensuring barrier-free access to online learning at FVCC. Check out these resources to get any help you need to be successful.

Access these and all other FVCC resources wherever you are.