Disability Support

Disability Support Services assures program access to FVCC by all students with disabilities. This access is a civil right and the college prohibits discrimination against qualified persons with disabilities.

We can help:

  • Coordinate and provide reasonable accommodations
  • Advocate for an accessible and hospitable learning environment
  • Promote self-advocacy on the part of students we serve

These laws give people with disabilities full civil rights protection at FVCC:

Student Resources

Requesting Disability Services

As a student, you must self-identify to FVCC Disability Services that you meet disability requirements and that you are requesting accommodations or other services.

Student Responsibilities

As part of the application process, you will submit assessments, evaluations, or other documents completed by appropriate professionals that establish your disability. Examples of documentation might include, but are not limited to, medical assessments, psychological evaluations, correspondence from counselors or physicians, and/or high school Individual Education Plans (IEPs) that reflect your diagnosis, barriers, and limitations.

If you believe that you may have a disability that has not been previously diagnosed, you are encouraged to meet with the disability coordinator to discuss options.

Even though FVCC does not provide medical or psychological testing nor pays for those services, Disability Support Services may be able to refer you to community resources to help establish whether a disability is present.

Assistive software or devices are available upon approval for semester checkout for students who may need them.

Disability Services Responsibilities

Disability Services will coordinate and provide individual and reasonable accommodations based on the logical link between the functional limitation and the accommodation.


Accommodations may include audiobooks, note takers, scribes, alternative testing, ASL interpreters and assistive technology. We are here to help provide accessibility to the learning environment.

FVCC has an institutional membership to Learning Ally and eligible students with course books available through this source will receive a login and password from the disability coordinator.

Connect with Disability Support at disabilitysupport@fvcc.edu or (406) 756-3380.