Eagle Online & Mail Support

Eagle Online

You'll sign into Eagle Online for all classes, especially if you plan to take an online or blended (partially online) course. The first time you log in to Eagle Online, use the username and password as outlined below.

Your Eagle Online Username

Your first name, middle initial and last name, all lowercase, no special characters or spaces.

For example: Roberta A Brown = robertaabrown

Your Eagle Online Password

NEW – uppercase and the 6 digits of your birth date

For example: March 5, 1990 = NEW030590

Learn to Use Eagle Online

Please log into Eagle Online and access the Eagle Online Student Orientation found on the right side of the homepage for more information about using Eagle Online.

Eagle Mail

To access your Eagle Mail account, go to Gmail and sign in with your username and password.

Your Eagle Mail Username

Your first name + middle initial + last name appearing all as one word without spaces or punctuation followed by @fvcc.edu.

For example: johnbdoe@fvcc.edu

Your Eagle Mail Password

The first time you access your Eagle Mail account, your password will be the upper case letters “NEW” and the six digits of your birthdate.

For example: May 9, 1987 = NEW050987

Get Help

Contact support services at the information below.

Find support for Eagle Online:  onlinehelpdesk@fvcc.edu phone: (406)-756-3930 (option 3)

Find support for Eagle Mail at: servicedesk@fvcc.edu phone: (406) 756-3930

Questions concerning your Eagle Online or Eagle Mail account? Connect with the IT Help Desk at servicedesk@fvcc.edu or (406) 756-3930.