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Do you want to transfer to a four-year college or university after you complete your education at FVCC?

Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) in General Studies

AA and AS degrees earned at FVCC are in general studies (with the exception of Registered Nursing and Substance Abuse Counseling). The suggested courses are designed to help students transfer to a four-year university or college to complete a bachelor’s degree. FVCC will help you select the best classes to prepare you for a successful transfer to the college of your choice in any subject area.

Do you want to enter the workforce after you complete your education at FVCC?

Associate of Applied Science (AAS): A two-year career and technical degree program designed to lead you directly into a career in your field of study


Certificate of Technical Studies: A one or two-semester certificate program which prepares you for a career by focusing on developing the unique skillset required for that position; it can help you obtain a new job, receive a promotion, explore a new career, or obtain certification in a specific field of study.


Certificate of Applied Science: A short program of study, comprised of 30 to 45 credits and typically completed in one year, which prepares you for a career in a specific field


Licensure/Certification Training: A short training program (generally one course) that gives you the knowledge needed to attain certification or licensure in your area of study.