Industrial Machine Technology, AAS

The Industrial Machine Technology program provides instruction in the theory and operation of mills and lathes, both manual and CNC; other tools related to the machinist trade; and associated programming.

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to

  • Apply quantitative skills in conjunction with trade handbook information to solve problems;
  • Effectively communicate during the problem solving process;
  • Use tools and equipment to form and machine various materials in a manufacturing laboratory environment;
  • Describe precision measurement and quality control procedures;
  • Use various precision measuring tools including a coordinate measuring machine;
  • Demonstrate advanced machining operations performed on CNC and Swiss CNC machines;
  • Produce advanced programs using G code; and
  • Demonstrate advanced techniques that are used on manual mills and lathes.
Spring Semester
Total Credits: 66

RIndicates Related Instruction requirement.
1BMGT 205 and WRIT 101 are pre-approved substitutions.

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