Agriculture and Food Systems, AAS

The Agriculture and Food Systems program prepares students to develop and manage a small farm or pursue careers in the agricultural and horticultural sciences, agronomy, or crop production. Students learn the fundamentals of crop production, soil management, and farm operations. The program focuses on the integration of food and farming in small-scale systems that enhance the well-being of the environment and communities. Through laboratory courses, field trips, and internships on the FVCC campus farm and in the community, the Agriculture and Food Systems program provides students with a fun, hands-on, multidisciplinary experience in agriculture and food systems. Upon completion of this program, students will be able to

  • Demonstrate knowledge of crop and soil management practices;
  • Describe the components and complexities of our modern food system;
  • Identify, diagnose, and manage pests and diseases of crop plants;
  • Consider the whole-farm implications of their management decisions;
  • Safely and effectively operate farm machinery and equipment;
  • Describe various marketing opportunities in small and large-scale agriculture; and
  • Identify the necessary steps to start and operate a small-scale business.
Required Courses
First Year
Fall Semester
First Semester Total: 14
Spring Semester
Second Semester Total: 16
Second Year
Fall Semester
First Semester Total: 14
Spring Semester
Second Semester Total: 16
Total Credits: 60
R Indicates Related Instruction requirement. *Indicates prerequisite and/or corequisite needed. Check course description.  
Program Information
  • An internship is required for this program. Students must apply for internship placements for this program the prior semester. For more information and application deadlines, contact Cathy Allard, Career Advisor, at (406) 756-3803or
Opportunities after Graduation
  • Graduates can expect to find employment in a variety of agricultural jobs, including as plant/soil/animal science technicians, in agricultural sales/marketing, or as farm managers. Small-scale farming is one of the fastest growing sectors in agriculture, which presents opportunities for graduates to be self-employed farmers.
Advising Information:
Formore information about this program, contact an advisor.
Academic Advisor Faculty Advisor
Russ Lamson Heather Estrada, Ph.D.
LRC 129 RH 108
(406) 756-3885 (406) 756-4182