Learn about the latest developments in theory and practice in the rapidly advancing fields of psychology, and apply this knowledge to the world around you to better understand the people and processes you encounter in everyday life. Psychology is the study of mind and behavior, embracing conscious and unconscious processes and experiences. As an academic discipline and a social science, psychology seeks to understand the causes and purposes of behavior by utilizing scientific methods to establish general principles.

While earning an associate’s degree, students take courses that explore a wide range of psychology’s sub-disciplines, including developmental psychology and aging, biological and neurological psychology, fundamental principles of learning, social psychology, and the fascinating world of psychopathology and psychological disorders.

Work with FVCC academic advisors to customize your degree so you're prepared to transfer and study Psychology. In two years, earn an associate degree, complete lower-level general education requirements, and prepare to transfer to any four-year institution to earn a bachelor’s degree.


Transfer tracks are customized programs of study that prepare students to transfer. You will earn an Associate of Arts (AA) or an Associate of Science (AS) degree customized to your interests and transfer needs.

Associate of Arts (AA) Degree Requirements
Associate of Science (AS) Degree Requirements