Business: Small Business Management, AAS

This program offers development of the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate proficiency as a small business manager or entrepreneur. Upon completion of this program, students will be able to

  • Use basic accounting and financial principles to make management and marketing decisions;
  • Apply technology and specific software as related to business applications;
  • Apply basic business law applications to daily business operations, organizational issues, and personnel;
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of various organizational formats available to the small business owner;
  • Develop a basic business plan, marketing plan, and financial projections as commonly used in business;
  • Apply the basic principles of human resource management and employment law to the overall management of an organization;
  • Understand the benefits of various agencies available to assist the small business owner; and
  • Explain the pros and cons of various funding options available for starting or expanding a business.
Required Courses
First Year
Fall Semester
First Semester Total: 16
Spring Semester
Second Semester Total: 16
Second Year
Fall Semester
First Semester Total: 17
Spring Semester
Second Semester Total: 14
Total Credits: 63
RIndicates Related Instruction Requirement. *Indicates prerequisite and/or corequisite needed. Check course description.  
Program Information
  • An internship is an option for this program. Students must apply for placements the prior semester. Formore information and application deadlines, contact Cathy Allard at (406) 756-3808 or
  • All required courses within the degree program must be taken for a letter grade. No courses may be taken on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) basis.
  • If you are considering transfer to a four-year college, some of the courses will transfer as electives only. See your advisor for more information.
Opportunities After Graduation
  • Graduates may start their own business, manage a small business for someone else, or work in a small business in a professional role.
  • Small businesses account for 99% of Montana businesses and employ 65% of Montana employees.
Advising Information:
For more information about the program, contact an advisor.
Faculty Advisor Academic Advisor
Scott Nolan, M.B.A. Jori Bullemer
BSS 108 LRC 129
(406) 756-3918 (406) 756-3905

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