Natural Resources Conservation and Management, AAS

The Natural Resources Conservation and Management program prepares students to work as technicians collecting and interpreting environmental information. Students develop practical skills in measuring forest and water resources, field navigation and surveying, insect and disease identification, soil health, recreation management, and using geospatial technology to document and understand the world. Successful graduates have obtained jobs for both government agencies and private companies, including timber cruisers, silviculture technicians, recreation specialists, wildland firefighters, field conservationists, and fire lookout staff. The US Forest Service is the number one employer of program graduates. Upon completion of this program, students will be able to

  • Understand the complex biological, physical, and human interactions as they relate to natural resources and land management;
  • Demonstrate strong math and computer skills;
  • Use various measuring instruments and accurately record data;
  • Summarize, analyze, and present results from collected data to supervisors and interested parties;
  • Identify many trees, shrubs, forbs, and grasses occurring in Montana;
  • Use compasses, GPS receivers and maps to navigate within the public land survey system and locate ownerships and establish sample points;
  • Use GPS and GIS techniques to analyze and present data within the context of land use and management;
  • Understand how soil and water health impact ecosystems;
  • Identify many insect, disease, and fire hazard situations and their relationships to ecology and sustainability; and
  • Understand various federal, state, and local laws that govern land use and management.
Required Courses
First Year
Fall Semester
First Semester Total: 17
Spring Semester
Second Semester Total: 15
Second Year
Fall Semester
First Semester Total: 17
Spring Semester
Second Semester Total: 15
Total Credits: 64
RIndicates Related Instruction requirement. *Indicates prerequisite and/or corequisite needed. Check course description.  
Opportunities After Graduation
  • Many employment opportunities are with federal, state and county governmental agencies. Employment opportunities also exist within private industry. Consulting firms, which contract with government and private entities, also hire technicians. Many employers prefer applicants who have a good overall knowledge of collecting and interpreting data about natural resources and have an associate's degree in Natural Resources Conservation and Management.
Advising Information:
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Academic Advisor Faculty Advisor Faculty Advisor
Russ Lamson Tim Eichner, M.S. Christina Relyea, Ph.D.
LRC 129 RH 155 BSS 103
(406) 756-3885 (406) 756-3898 (406) 756-3946

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