Pre-Social Work Transfer to The University of Montana – Missoula

Pre-Social Work
An Associate of Arts degree in FVCC's Pre-Social Work Transfer Track prepares students for transfer to a university Social Work program. Opportunities in the broad spectrum of social work include employment in mental health centers, welfare agencies, employment services, rehabilitation, parole, aftercare, outreach, and various social service agencies both private and public. The student is encouraged to work closely with their advisor in the selection of electives to ensure the maximum level of transferability.

Transfer Articulation Agreement

Students interested in the Bachelor of Social Work program at The University of Montana - Missoula may transfer 60 or more lower division credits fromFVCC. A cohort of accepted students start the distance learning program in the fall of each year. Students will be required to go to UM to meet with other members of the cohort and professors at least once or twice each semester.The UM courses in this program are sequential in nature so a student must attend each semester with that cohort or drop back into the next cohort. Students must apply and be accepted to the UM Social Work program a semester prior to enrolling in upper division classes. At least four of the seven out-of-department courses plus the UM Social Work equivalent courses (,[[permalink=789|tooltip:{'title':1}]]%prefix% %code%[[/permalink]]) must be completed or in process prior to applying. The senior-year internship may be completed in the Flathead Valley.  
Associate of Arts Degree
Suggested course of study for a transfer to The University of Montana - Missoula:
First Year-Fall Semester
First Semester Total: 16
Spring Semester
Second Semester Total: 15
Second Year - Fall Semester
First Semester Total: 13
Spring Semester
  • Humanities (H) Requirement Credit(s): 3
  • Humanities (H) Requirement Credit(s): 3
Second Semester Total: 16
Total Credits: 60
1 Elective credit should be based upon student area of interest.UM Social Work Distance Learning students can minor in Licensed Addiction Counseling and AHEC-Scholars. Other minors are available to students who transfer in person to University of Montana- Missoula. 2These courses are the seven out-of-department courses. *Indicates prerequisite and/or corequisite needed. Check course description. The information on all transfer programs is subject to change. Students should see their advisor to explore other possibilities not specifically listed in the program.  
General Education Courses
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Upper Division Courses to Complete through UM-Missoula
Upon completing the first two years of study and earning an AA degree from FVCC, students will apply for acceptance into UM-Missoula's School of Social Work and complete the following courses to finish the degree.
SW 100S Introduction to Social Welfare 3 credits
SW 200 Introduction to Social Work Practice 4 credits
SW 300 Human Behavior and the Social Environment 3 credits
SW 310 Social Welfare Policy and Services 3 credits
SW 350 Social Work Intervention Methods I 3 credits
SW 360 Social Work Intervention Methods II 4 credits
SW 400 Social Work Research 3 credits
SW 410 Social Work Ethics 3 credits
SW 487 Practicum Seminar I 2 credits
SW 488 Practicum Seminar II 2 credits
SW 495 Field Work Practicum 10 credits
Electives 18 credits
Advising Information:
For more information about this program, contact an advisor.
Academic Advisor Faculty Advisor
Jori Bullemer Carlin Hale
LRC 129 BSS 124
(406) 756-3905 (406) 756-3886