Criminal Justice Transfer to Montana State University – Northern

Criminal Justice
The Criminal Justice program at the Montana State University - Northern prepares students for employment in public and private criminal justice agencies, law enforcement agencies, as well as correctional, probation, and parole organizations. After earning a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, students may also choose to pursue graduate school, studying sociology, criminal justice, or law.  
Associate of Arts Degree
Suggested course of study for a transfer to Montana State University - Northern

Transfer Articulation Agreement

The following program of study has been officially established to prepare students for transfer to Montana State University - Northern (MSU-N) with junior standing. Students who complete an Associate of Arts degree at FVCC with grades of "C-" or higher in every course in this program of study, and are accepted into MSU-N, will be granted between 60-90 semester credits toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice at MSU-N. Upon completion of the AA degree at FVCC, students have the option of finishing the BS degree online or on the MSU-N campus.MSU-Northern requires a minor. Click here to see a list of minors available at MSU-N. Speak with an advisor of that minor and take lower division courses in that minor at FVCC. See your advisor for more detailed information about this transfer articulation agreement.  
First Year
First Year Total: 31
Second Year
Second Year Total: 29
Total Credits: 60 **
1 The CHMY courses would be advised although any approved NL and N or NL will work. 2 A student is required to do six credits of Internship to earn the bachelor's degree and could do all six while earning the FVCC associate degree. *Indicates prerequisite and/or corequisite needed. Check course description. **Students could take more courses in their chosen minor. The information on all transfer programs is subject to change. Students should work closely with an advisor to determine course of study.  
General Education Courses
Click below to see General Education course options:  
Upper Division Courses to Complete at MSU-Northern
Upon completing the first two years of study and earning an AA degree as outlined above, students will apply for admission to MSU-Northern. Students must earn120 semester credits to complete the program. Students must complete the following courses and credits at MSU-N:
CJUS 125 Fundamentals of Forensic Science 3
CJUS 215 Criminal Justice and Community Relations 3
CJUS 236 Introduction to Research Methods 3
CJUS 325` American Criminal Law 3
CJUS 330 Administration of Juvenile Justice 3
CJUS 335 Victimology 3
CJUS 356 Sociology of Violence 3
CJUS 421 Criminal Justice Ethics 3
CJUS 427 Deviance and Social Control 3
CJUS 494 Criminal Justice Seminar 3
COMX 412 Communication and Conflict 3
SOCI 211 Introduction to Criminology 3
SW 423 Addiction Studies 3
Total credits completed at FVCC prior to transfer 60
Total credits of program courses taken at MUS-N 39
Minor credits 21-24
Upper Division Elective credits 12
Total credits for degree completion 120
Advising Information:
For more information about this program, contact an advisor.
Academic Advisor Faculty Advisor
Jori Bullemer Mike Skinner, M.S.
LRC 129 BSS 128
(406) 756-3905 (406) 756-3870