Phlebotomy Courses

The impact that the laboratory has on a patient’s episode of care begins with the process of obtaining specimens for diagnostic testing. It is the intent of these courses to provide the approved collection and specimen handling practices compliant with all governing agency policies and regulations. Adhering to the training from these courses, as well as institutional specific policies and guidelines, will render viable specimens that produce accurate laboratory results.

Students will participate as both patient and phlebotomist during the two phlebotomy courses offered at FVCC: AHMA 220 – Phlebotomy and AHMA 221 – Phlebotomy Clinical Training. Prerequisites for AHMA 221 are successful completion of AHMA 220 with a “B” or better within the past three semesters, application process, and department consent. Application process includes background check and immunization verification.

Upon successful completion of both courses, students establish eligibility to sit for the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) or American Medical Technologists (AMT) national certifying exams. Students do NOT receive a degree from FVCC for taking these two courses. AHMA 220 and AHMA 221 only enable eligibility to sit for exam certification. Students interested in only taking these two courses should apply for admission as a non-degree seeking.

Phlebotomy Course


These courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters.