Undecided on your program of study? Can’t find what you want? No problem!

The majority of our students considering transferring are undecided. Being unsure of your program of study is normal, and we are here to help! Our Academic Advisors help students investigate FVCC’s academic options while they experience small classes with dedicated faculty.

Whether you are planning to transfer out of state, finish your Associate of Science or Associate of Arts at FVCC, or only stay a semester or two at FVCC, we will customize an academic plan that best fits your academic goals and optimizes your access to our world-class faculty and inexpensive tuition.

Regardless of where you fall on the undecided spectrum, from completely unsure to wavering between a few options, FVCC advisors will help you explore programs and transfer when you are ready.

Meet with an FVCC Academic Advisor and discuss your academic plans and options.


Transfer tracks are customized programs of study that prepare students to transfer. You will earn an Associate of Arts (AA) or an Associate of Science (AS) degree customized to your interests and transfer needs.

Associate of Arts (AA) Degree Requirements
Associate of Science (AS) Degree Requirements