Firearms Technologies, AAS

This program provides a solid foundation in theory, design, function, and finishing of firearms. The finishing aspect is oriented toward metal finishing and work with gunstocks. This program prepares the student for an entry-level position in the firearms industry and provides a foundation for owning a business as a gunsmith. The program contains both lecture and significant hands-on training designed to instill an understanding of the design and function of today’s firearms as well as an understanding of metal finishing and stock finishing techniques. Practical application of knowledge in a safe manner is stressed. Emphasis is placed on the completion of several projects using a combination of hand and machine tools. Students acquire the basic knowledge to begin customizing guns.

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to

  • Use precision measuring tools such as micrometers, calipers, indicators, and various specialized gauges;
  • Operate manual lathe and mill machines to perform gunsmithing services or custom work;
  • Diagnose and correct a variety of firearms malfunctions, thus restoring the firearm to a safe and useable condition;
  • Explain the operation of various firearms systems;
  • Articulate firearms accuracy and the many variables that affect it;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in bluing metal parts by producing finished projects;
  • Demonstrate how to inlet a barreled action to a semi-inlet stock blank;
  • Demonstrate the techniques required to repair damaged checkering;
  • Bed a synthetic stock blank to a barreled action; and
  • Demonstrate how to make custom sights and scope mounts and correctly install them.


First Year


Fall Semester


First Semester Total: 17


Spring Semester


Second Semester Total: 17


Second Year


Fall Semester


First Semester Total: 15


Spring Semester


Second Semester Total: 14


Total Credits: 63


1FT 100 is mandatory and will be held the first three days of the semester.
2BMGT 205 and WRIT 101 are pre-approved substitutions.
RIndicates Related Instruction requirement.
*Indicates prerequisite and/or corequisite needed. Check course description.

Recommended Course Offerings

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