Nursing: Registered Nursing, ASN

The Registered Nursing program prepares graduates to function as members and leaders of health care teams in various health care environments. Upon completion of the Associate of Science (ASN)-Registered Nursing curriculum, students will

  • Develop and lead programs of health promotion and disease prevention that is cost effective, comprehensive and coordinated;
  • Engage patient and families as partners in evidenced-based, ethical care, while respecting individual preference;
  • Analyze and integrate current research findings, expert opinion, clinical reasoning, and patient preferences in developing and implementing plan of care;
  • Promote and lead cooperation, coordination, and communication among team members, patients, and community populations to improve quality and enhance patient safety;
  • Provide ongoing assessment and analysis of patients and systems with the goal of providing the highest level of patient care and outcomes;
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize technology to gather and analyze data, manage information, and improve communication among team members and across systems to support clinical decisions; and
  • Participate as a team member to design, promote, and model effective use of technology to reduce the risk of harm to self and others.
Required Prerequisites (Any Semester)


Prerequisites Total: 14


First Year


Fall Semester


First Semester Total: 15


Spring Semester


Second Semester Total: 15


Second Year


Fall Semester


Third Semester Total: 15


Spring Semester


Fourth Semester Total: 14


Total Credits: 73


1Indicates course may be taken before acceptance into the program.
R Indicates Related Instruction requirement.
*Indicates prerequisite and/or corequisite needed. Check course description.

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