FVCC is honored to have outstanding faculty and staff on campus to support students, create a vibrant campus culture, and establish an atmosphere of learning and engagement. Contact us with questions or for more information about what we offer at FVCC.

Rhonda Kalvig
Program Assistant, Continuing Education
Jill Kanewischer
Adjunct Faculty - Senior Institute
Howard Karp
Executive Chef, Culinary Arts
Charles Katerba
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Data Analyst
Miriam Katz
Adjunct Faculty - Health Science Division
Joshua Kelly
Adjunct Faculty - Humanities Division
Richard C. Kenck
Adjunct Faculty - Welding
Jon "Butch" Kingston
Custodian III / Maintenance
Adjunct Faculty - Heavy Equipment Operator
Carrie M. Kintzler
Administrative Assistant, Student Health Center
Pamela R. Klein
Nursing Assistant Coordinator/ Instructor
Amanda Koehler
Academic Coordinator - Running Start
Karen D. Kolar
Adjunct Faculty - Humanities Division
Terry Kotrla
Adjunct Faculty - Health Science Division
Jurek Koziol
Adjunct Faculty - Engineering
Jillene Krause
Adjunct Faculty - Humanities Division
Samantha K. Kujala
Director, Institutional Research
Amber Larson
Adjunct Faculty - Health Sciences
Veronica Laudati
Professor, Accounting/Business
Luke Lavin
Director, Continuing Education
Amber Lawrence
Adjunct Faculty - Humanities Division
Kelly Leaser
Coordinator, Environmental Health & Safety
Adjunct Faculty - Health Science Division
Dan M. Leatzow
Instructor, Sr., Advanced Manufacturing
Karen Leigh
Adjunct Faculty - Humanities Division
Teresa Leingang
Adjunct Faculty - Health Science Division
Sarah Lewin
Adjunct Faculty - Health Sciences Division
Allison Linville
Executive Director, Marketing & Communications
Ivan J. Lorentzen
Faculty Emeritus
Adjunct Faculty - Psychology
Abigail Luke
Assistant Controller & Grant Accountant
Philip C. MacGregor
Professor, Computer Applications/Accounting