FVCC is honored to have outstanding faculty and staff on campus to support students, create a vibrant campus culture, and establish an atmosphere of learning and engagement. Contact us with questions or for more information about what we offer at FVCC.

Donald D. Nerdig
Adjunct Faculty - Computer Applications
Scott Nolan
Assistant Professor, Business and Accounting
Lizzy Norwood
Adjunct Faculty - Social Science Division
Victoria Nytes
Adjunct Faculty - Social Science Division
Ciaran O'Neill
Instructor - Firearms Technology
Dennis Olson
Adjunct Faculty - Natural Sciences
Ryan Overbeek
Adjunct Faculty - Mathematics
Rick Owens
Advanced Systems Analyst - Systems Operations
Brent Owens
Manager, Event and Patron Services
Denise Pacovsky
Program Director, Medical Laboratory Technology
Eunhwa Park
Adjunct Faculty - Humanities Division
Larry Phan
Adjunct Faculty - Humanities Division
Jason "Ryan" Pitts
Program Director, Paramedicine
Marilyn Preston
Adjunct Faculty- Social Science Division
Timothy Price
Assistant Professor, Math and Engineering
Kathy Prim
Program Assistant, Workforce Training
Effat Rady
Professor, Engineering/Mathematics
Maxine Ramey
Adjunct Faculty - Humanities Division
Dawn M. Rauscher
Associate Professor, Computer Applications
Division Chair, Business & Technology
Michael Conrad Rauscher
Associate Professor, English
Division Chair, Humanities
Morgan E. Ray
Director, Library Services
Gerda Reeb
Director, Global Programs
Adjunct Faculty - Humanities & Health Science Divisions
Jamie Reed
Adjunct Faculty - Occupational Trades
David Regan
Associate Professor, Art
Department Chair, Art