FVCC is honored to have outstanding faculty and staff on campus to support students, create a vibrant campus culture, and establish an atmosphere of learning and engagement. Contact us with questions or for more information about what we offer at FVCC.

Anita Ho
Associate Professor, Geology/Geography
Faith M. Hodges
Administrator Emeritus
Bree Hoerner
Adjunct Faculty - Health Science Division
Robyn Hoggatt
Assistant Professor, Program Director - Surgical Technology
Clinton Holman
Coordinator, Math & Science Lab
Ellen Horowitz
Adjunct Faculty - Science & Engineering Division
Mary "Manda" Hudak
Instructor/Program Director, Culinary Arts
David Hudak
Instructor, Electrical/Electronic
Samuel "Micah" Hunter
Adjunct Faculty - Humanities Division
Abbalie "Abbie" Hutton
Adjunct Faculty - Science & Engineering Division
Thomas S. Jay
Professor Emeritus
Emily R. Jense
Interim Director Academic Affairs
Wendy Jeschke
Coordinator, Student Engagement
Katie Johnson
Coordinator, Nursing, Lincoln County Campus
Marshall Jones
Adjunct Faculty - Humanities Division
Rhonda Kalvig
Program Assistant, Continuing Education
Jill Kanewischer
Adjunct Faculty - Senior Institute
Howard Karp
Executive Chef, Culinary Arts
Charles Katerba
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Data Analyst
Miriam Katz
Adjunct Faculty - Health Science Division
Hannah Kimmel
Program Director/Faculty, Medical Assisting
Jon "Butch" Kingston
Custodian III / Maintenance, Lincoln County Campus
Adjunct Instructor, Commercial Drivers' License (CDL), Lincoln County Campus
Pamela R. Klein
Nursing Assistant Coordinator/ Instructor
Amanda Koehler
Academic Coordinator - Running Start
Karen D. Kolar
Adjunct Faculty - Humanities Division
Terry Kotrla
Adjunct Faculty - Health Science Division
Jurek Koziol
Adjunct Faculty - Engineering
Jillene Krause
Adjunct Faculty - Humanities Division
Samantha K. Kujala
Director, Institutional Research