FVCC is honored to have outstanding faculty and staff on campus to support students, create a vibrant campus culture, and establish an atmosphere of learning and engagement. Contact us with questions or for more information about what we offer at FVCC.

Timothy Eichner
Professor, Surveying/Natural Resources
Amy Elletson
Accounts Payable Specialist
Lori L. Elwell
Associate Professor, Anatomy and Physiology
Jessica Ennist
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Heather Estrada
Associate Professor/Program Director - Agriculture
Nathan Eury
Academic & Career Advisor, TRIO
Susan I. Evans
Director, Foundation Finance and Administration
Michaella M. Evert
Instructional Specialist, Culinary Arts
Cathy Fabel
Administrative Assistant, Nursing
Wendy Felese
Adjunct Faculty - Native American Studies
Wanelle Fitch
Adjunct Faculty - Photography
Fred Flint
Adjunct Faculty: Forestry
John Joseph Fraley
Adjunct Faculty - Natural Resources
Peter Franey
Instructor, Welding, Fabrication, & Non-Destructive Testing
Peter J. Fusaro
Director of Trades & Industrial Arts
Karen Glasser
Executive Director, Human Resources
Title IX Investigator
Joanna Gleason
Admissions and Registration Specialist
James L. Goudy
Associate Professor, Computer Science/Web Technology