Teaching & Learning Center

The Teaching & Learning Center serves as a dynamic space where FVCC students and faculty can come together in a learning environment. This virtual and physical resource serves faculty and staff by facilitating professional development and providing resources and the organizational structure for the discussion, implementation, and application of best practice research central to the processes of teaching and learning.

For more information, please contact the Teaching and Learning Center Committee at tlc@fvcc.edu.


Inspire and enable faculty to enhance their own teaching styles so that students are more likely to achieve expected learning outcomes.


The mission of the Teaching & Learning Center is to promote exemplary teaching and effective learning at Flathead Valley Community College by providing opportunities for professional development activities that encourage faculty to improve practice. The Center serves the college by being a resource, providing a forum for the discussion of research, implementing ideas for practices central to the teaching and learning processes, and facilitating professional development for faculty to empower students for lifelong learning.

The Teaching & Learning Center at Flathead Valley Community College will provide leadership, time and space to accomplish the following:

  • Develop a learning community among faculty that in turn provides for the development of a school-wide learning community that is an inclusive, cohesive, collegial, and caring institution of higher education.
  • Provide the means and opportunity to celebrate faculty accomplishments, and to share the wealth of faculty’s professional development experiences.
  • Establish an ongoing repository of our faculty’s best practices in teaching. These visual, auditory, and written records of teaching excellence at FVCC will serve as both inspiration and concrete resources from our own colleagues for the faculty’s further development of teaching excellence in all fields.
  • Provide access to current pedagogical research and best-practice examples from around the world.
  • Foster a culture of shared leadership by creating faculty-initiated professional development opportunities that provide a venue to share and deepen our understanding of the foundations of learning, to build our best practices together, and to share our insights into current issues facing educators.
  • Provide support and appreciation for faculty colleagues who offer their professional leadership towards teaching excellence through teaching demonstrations of their curriculum designs, and serving as mentors for new faculty, including support and guidance for pre-and post-tenure review processes, and by contributing to on-going professional dialogue.
  • Build an authentic, collegial, and supportive means for faculty members to enhance their own on-going professional growth.