It is the purpose and intent of Faculty Senate to be actively involved in all academic matters of the College. The Senate shall endeavor to recognize, encourage, develop, and maintain professional excellence among its members, as well as academic excellence in educational programs offered by the College.  Recognizing that the primary function of the College is to meet the educational needs of its students, it is the responsibility of the Senate to help create and maintain an atmosphere which is conducive to furthering the educational process.

All current full-time faculty and all adjunct faculty having a College teaching assignment in the current academic year are members of Faculty Senate.

Current Senate Officers:

Rich Haptonstall, president
Heather Estrada, vice-president

Senate Directors:

The Senate Directors that represent the various academic division as the voting members at Faculty Senate meetings are as follows:

Business – Connie Hitchcock
Health Sciences – Chaz Taylor
Humanities – Amy Pearson
Math, Computer Science, and Engineering – Effat Rady
Nursing – Liisa Lommatsch
Occupational Trades and Industrial Arts – Dan Leatzow
Performing and Visual Arts – Rich Haptonstall
Sciences – Adam Wenz
Social Sciences – Eliza Thomas