Teach for Continuing Education

Continuing Education at FVCC is always looking for charismatic instructors interested in sharing their expertise. Non-credit classes are primarily offered in afternoons and evenings, based on the instructor's schedule and classroom availability. 

New course proposals are accepted on an on-going basis and will be reviewed by our Continuing Education curriculum committee for approval and possible inclusion in one or more upcoming semesters. 

Continuing Education follows nationally established standards for classes with potential commercial interest. Class time may not be used to sell a product or service with which the teacher is associated. 

To apply to teach for Continuing Education:

  1. Submit Course Proposal Form
  2. If proposal is approved, interview with Continuing Education
  3. If approved for teaching, complete application process

Learn more about Prospective Instructor Information (PDF). To learn more, contact Continuing Education at 406.756.3832 or ceinfo@fvcc.edu.