Board Policies

Flathead Valley Community College adheres to appropriate policies and procedures across campus. Below is a list of most college policies and procedures, although this list is not comprehensive, as some policies may be listed and updated on the department or area webpage.

Chapter I-Index
Chapter I-Section 10-Legal Basis and Authority
Chapter I-Section 20-Educational Philosophy
Chapter I-Section 30-Statement of Purpose and Goals
Chapter I-Section 40-Code of Ethics
Chapter I-Section 50-Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Chapter I-Section 60-Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Stalking and Retaliation Policy
Chapter I-Section 70-Drug-Free Workplace
Chapter I-Section 80-Alcohol-Free Workplace
Chapter I-Section 85-Smoking and Tobacco Free Policy
Chapter I-Section 90-Disability Provisions
Chapter I-Section 92-Animals on Campus
Chapter I-Section 95-Weapons
Chapter I-Section 100-Trespassing on College Property
Chapter I-Section 110-Health Related Conditions and Communicable Diseases
Chapter I-Section 115-Freedom of Speech
Chapter I-Section 120-Recording and Intellectual Property Rights

Chapter II-Index
Chapter II-Section 10-Board of Trustees
Chapter II-Section 20-Administrative Structure
Chapter II-Section 30-Administrative
Chapter II-Section 40-Employee Responsibility
Chapter II-Section 50-College Committees
Chapter II-Section 60-Policy and Procedure Development, Change and Implementation

Chapter III-Index
Chapter III-Section 10-Reserved

Chapter IV-Index
Chapter IV-Section 10-Accounting Systems
Chapter IV-Section 20-Investment of Surplus Funds
Chapter IV-Section 30-Student Tuition
Chapter IV-Section 40-Student Fees Establishment and Publication
Chapter IV-Section 50-Accounting of Funds Collected by College Sponsored Clubs and Organizations
Chapter IV-Section 60-Contracts
Chapter IV-Section 70-Purchasing
Chapter IV-Section 80-General Administrative Procedures
Chapter IV-Section 90-Competition with Private Business
Chapter IV-Section 100-Unclaimed Property
Chapter IV-Section 110-Capital Equipment and Supply Disposal
Chapter IV-Section 120-Capital Assets and Control Policy
Chapter IV-Section 130-Use of College Equipment Policy
Chapter IV-Section 140-Official Travel
Chapter IV-Section 150-Foundation and Development Policy
Chapter IV-Section 160-Credit Card Policy
Chapter IV-Section 170-Fraud Policy
Chapter IV-Section 180-Budget System

Chapter V-Reserved

Chapter VI-Index
Chapter VI-Section 10-Human Resources
Chapter VI-Section 20-College’s Right to Manage, Discipline and Discharge
Chapter VI-Section 30-Conflict of Interest
Chapter VI-Section 40-Political Activities
Chapter VI-Section 50-Personnel Files
Chapter VI-Section 60-Reduction in Force
Chapter VI-Section 70-Recruitment, Selection and Employment
Chapter VI-Section 80-Emeriti, Emeritus
Chapter VI-Section 90-Holidays
Chapter VI-Section 100-Reserved
Chapter VI-Section 110-Leaves
Chapter VI-Section 120-Overtime and Paid Compensatory Leave Time
Chapter VI-Section 130-Retirement
Chapter VI-Section 140-Reserved
Chapter VI-Section 150-Employee Insurance Coverage
Chapter VI-Section 160-Employee Development
Chapter VI-Section 170-Tuition Waivers
Chapter VI-Section 180-Grievance
Chapter VI-Section 190-Whistleblower Policy
Chapter VI-Section 200-Flexible Work Policy
Chapter VI-Section 210-Background Checks Policy
Chapter VI-Section 220-Breastfeeding Policy

Chapter VII-Index
Chapter VII-Section 10-Admissions
Chapter VII-Section 20-Student Records
Chapter VII-Section 30-Financial Aid
Chapter VII-Section 40-Student Organizational Policy
Chapter VII-Section 50-Student Publications
Chapter VII-Section 60-Student Conduct and Student Complaints
Chapter VII-Section 70-Student Life
Chapter VII-Section 80-Student Email

Chapter VIII-Index
Chapter VIII-Section 10-Academic Freedom
Chapter VIII-Section 20-Academic Integrity
Chapter VIII-Section 30-Curriculum
Chapter VIII-Section 35-Course Credits
Chapter VIII-Section 40-Program Review
Chapter VIII-Section 50-Grading Standards
Chapter VIII-Section 60-Faculty Qualifications
Chapter VIII-Section 70-Degrees and Certificates
Chapter VIII-Section 80-Advisory Committees for Occupational Programs
Chapter VIII-Section 90-Institutional Accreditation

Chapter IX-Index
Chapter IX-Section 10-Planning and Research

Chapter X-Index
Chapter X-Section 10-Public Information and Communications
Chapter X-Section 20-Inspection and Copying of Public Records

Chapter XI-Index
Chapter XI-Section 10-Fundraising and Solicitation

Chapter XII-Index
Chapter XII-Section 10-Facilities Design and Planning
Chapter XII-Section 20-Reserved
Chapter XII-Section 30-Use of College Facilities (FVCC and LCC)
Chapter XII-Section 40-Crisis Management Plan
Chapter XII-Section 50-Suspended Operations
Chapter XII-Section 60-Campus Crime and Security
Chapter XII-Section 70-No Camping Policy

Chapter XIII-Index
Chapter XIII-Section 10-Security
Chapter XIII-Section 20-Privacy
Chapter XIII-Section 30-Acceptable Use
Chapter XIII-Section 40-Infrastructure