Nondestructive Testing
  • Certificate of Applied Science (CAS)

The Nondestructive Testing program is designed to provide students experience in nondestructive test methods, visual inspection, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, eddy current, ultrasonic and radiographic testing. Upon completion of this program, students will:

  • Demonstrate safe practices for nondestructive testing;
  • Summarize the rules and regulations of radiation safety and characteristics of x-ray and gamma radiation;
  • Illustrate electromagnetic principles and use the equipment;
  • Discuss ultrasonic theory and apply ultrasonic techniques;
  • Summarize magnetic particle testing formulas, methods, applications, limitations, material sensitivity, and equipment calibration;
  • Summarize liquid penetrant formulas, methods, applications and limitations; and
  • Follow a written procedure that has been created from a Code or Standard.

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