Psychology Transfer Track
  • Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS)

Learn about the latest developments in theory and practice in the rapidly advancing fields of psychology, and apply this knowledge to the world around you to better understand the people and processes you encounter in everyday life.

Psychology is the study of mind and behavior, embracing conscious and unconscious processes and experiences. As an academic discipline and a social science, psychology seeks to understand the causes and purposes of behavior by utilizing scientific methods to establish general principles.

FVCC’s Psychology transfer track emphasizes theories, terminologies, and applications, as well as research methods and findings in each of psychology’s major sub-disciplines.
While earning an associate’s degree in the Psychology transfer track, students take courses that explore a wide range of psychology’s sub-disciplines, including developmental psychology and aging, biological and neurological psychology, fundamental principles of learning, social psychology, and the fascinating world of psychopathology and psychological disorders.


  • A degree in psychology provides a useful foundation for a wide range of careers and opportunities, including education, business, sales, service industries, public affairs, health, counseling and mental health, corrections, and, of course, psychology research, practice, and teaching.
  • Montana University System campuses will transfer psychology credits for most FVCC offerings, even if their campuses offer the same courses for higher-level credit. Talk with an FVCC academic advisor for more details.

Attributes of Successful Psychology Professionals

  • Able to think critically and solve problems
  • Strong observational and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Enjoy working with people
  • Patient and understanding
  • Trustworthy and able to maintain confidentiality

Transfer Tips

  • Students should become familiar with the curriculum at their transfer school of choice and work with an advisor to choose courses that will support that school’s program requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to check with each transfer school in order to determine specific prerequisite courses and equivalencies
  • University of Montana- Missoula
  • Montana State University- Bozeman

In addition to General Education requirements, Psychology transfer track students choose from the following psychology courses at FVCC prior to transferring:

Course NumberCourse Title
PSYX 100Introduction to Psychology
PSYX 150Drugs and Society
PSYX 230Developmental Psychology
PSYX 233Fundamentals of Psychology of Aging
PSYX 240Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology
PSYX 250Fundamentals of Biological Psychology
PSYX 260Fundamentals of Social Psychology
PSYX 270Fundamentals of Psychology of Learning

To learn more about psychology as a profession, visit these professional organizations:

American Psychological Association
Western Psychological Association
Montana Psychological Association


Student Support Center Advisor

Jori Bullemer

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Faculty Advisor

Stephanie Paidas, Ph.D.

BSS 126

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