Brewery Technician, CTS (Moratorium)

This program has been placed into moratorium and is not accepting new students at this time.


The Brewery Technician Certificate program is designed for students wishing to enter the brewing industry as a Brewery Operator in packaging, cellaring, and/or wort production. It exposes students to commercial equipment and best practices in safety and hygiene, beer production from grain to glass, mainstream beer styles and sensory evaluation, quality assurance techniques, and biology coursework. Students perform brewing lab work at the campus brewery, featuring a custom 4-barrel brewing system and pilot equipment. All coursework in the Brewery Technician CTS program is pre-requisite coursework for the Brewing Science and Brewery Operations AAS degree program. Upon successful completion of the Brewery Technician CTS, students will be able to

  • Describe the overall process of beer production;
  • Perform Clean In Place (CIP) operations on cellar and brewing equipment;
  • Understand operating principles for basic packaging machinery;
  • Follow Standard Operating Procedures for wort production and cellar operations;
  • Describe yeast biology and fermentation; and
  • Work safely and hygienically in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.