wildlife photographer sumio harada stands next to his camera and with a mountain range in the background
Dec 14, 2023
Daily Inter Lake

Wildlife Photographer Sumio Harada To Present at FVCC

Anyone can come across a variety of animals in Glacier National Park. However, it takes patience and time to see how animals live their lives in the park — something that is not lost on wildlife photographers such as Sumio Harada.

On Dec. 20 at Flathead Valley Community College, the West Glacier-based photographer and videographer will present breathtaking images of animals in their natural habitats, highlighting the importance of preserving their ecosystems. Audiences will get a glimpse into the daily lives of bears, goats and mountain lions as they breed, hunt forage, hibernate and give birth.

This month, Harada found himself on the other side of the lens as he was followed by a Japanese film crew in Many Glacier to document him while at work for a 2024 TV program. People who attend the presentation, which is hosted by Glacier National Park Volunteer Associates, will get to see behind-the-scenes footage of the challenges and rewards of wildlife photography along with the dedication and commitment required to capture these extraordinary moments. 

Sumio will share his experiences setting up camp in the snowy wilderness, battling freezing temperatures and braving the elements to get the perfect shot.

Born in Japan, Harada studied biology at the Tokyo University of Agriculture. His research on the behavior of the Japanese serow, a close relative of the mountain goat, led to his wildlife photography career. He started taking photographs of mountain goats in the Canadian Rockies in 1987. In 1989 and 1991, Sumio stayed in Glacier National Park. In 1994, he moved to West Glacier with his wife and daughter.  

Harada’s photos have appeared in magazines such as “National Geographic,” “National Wildlife” “Ranger Rick,” “Geo” and “Montana Outdoors,” and books titled, “Wild Harmony of Glacier National Park,” and “Mountain Goats of Glacier National Park.”

The presentation will be held at 7 p.m. in the FVCC Arts and Technology building.