Jun 14, 2021

Thompson Falls High School Supports Higher Education for Students through FVCC’s Running Start Program

June 14, 2021 — Kalispell, Mont. — This spring, the Thompson Falls High School class of 2021 celebrates earning 295 college credits over the course of their high school career through the Flathead Valley Community College Running Start program. Of the 45 students in this graduating class, 16 earned at least three college credits.

“This is a tremendous accomplishment for these students, who are leaving high school already ahead in their higher education journey,” said Beth Romain, Program Director for Running Start at FVCC.

Many TFHS students started taking classes their sophomore year in high school, allowing some to earn more than 20 credits prior to graduation.

“The Thompson Falls High School class of 2021 were incredibly motivated and realized the value of completing college courses through the Running Start program,” said Thompson Falls High School counselor Jodi Morgan.

The Running Start program at FVCC has had a partnership with Thompson Falls High School for over 12 years, and the two schools have collaborated closely to support student success in higher education.

Thompson Falls High School works closely with FVCC to provide time and resources built into the school day for students taking college classes. “I credit TFHS with how they set up the program to support students and help them learn about time management while still having an independent experience,” said Romain. “This is a great way to help students transition from high school to college and learn how to navigate college courses with support from FVCC advisors, high school counselors, and teachers.”

Any student interested in registering for Running Start can talk to their high school counselor, email, or call (406) 756-3923.

Fall courses at Flathead Valley Community College start on August 25th. For a full list of online and in-person courses, visit For more information about how to register for classes, call 406-756-3880 or email