Jun 10, 2020

Statement from FVCC President on Diversity and Inclusion

A statement from the President:

As a nation, we are seeing a time of great unrest and change. As a community, we feel the effects of nationwide protests, recent violence, and racism.

At FVCC, we support constructive dialogue and acceptance of diversity. Education provides an opportunity to study and discuss systemic change. Our campus serves students who create their own individual boundaries around political, racial, gender, and/or sexual orientations. Diversity means hearing one another and recognizing the importance of our differences and appreciating the similarities we share as humans.

We are providing additional online resources for better understanding diversity and inclusion. We will continue to engage diverse voices, reach out to a broad student population, and through our role as an educational organization, we will uphold justice and tolerance.

Together, we have an opportunity to guide, change and build the world in which we want to live—one where there is no place for racism and intolerance but rather a culture of learning, civic discourse and understanding.

Jane A. Karas
Flathead Valley Community College