Jane A. Karas
May 9, 2022

FVCC’s Class of 2022 Resilient and Determined

By Jane A. Karas

Flathead Valley Community College will celebrate the class of 2022 at our 54th annual commencement ceremony on the FVCC campus in Kalispell on Friday, May 13 at 6 p.m.

The graduating class of 2022 has proved to be resilient beyond measure as they have been focused and determined to achieve their goals in higher education despite a rapidly changing world around them. This incredible group of graduates includes 298 students earning 313 degrees and certificates from FVCC.

I admire each one of our students and am proud to recognize our graduates who have worked incredibly hard to be here today. From juggling the unknowns of a pandemic to adapting to a quickly changing economy, this class has persevered and is now ready to join our workforce, continue their education or serve in our military.

These students will help change the world. From the success of other FVCC alumni, I know that our graduates will earn advanced degrees, research ground-breaking new scientific discoveries, will be hardworking members of and entrepreneurs in our community, and serve as leaders.

I am proud of our students, and I look forward to welcoming this year’s graduates to join our distinguished alumni.

In addition to honoring our graduating class, I want to thank our FVCC Board of Trustees, our outstanding faculty and staff, and our community for your commitment to FVCC and student success. With your support and partnership, our students can quickly enter the local workforce, continue their education and build a professional network that will serve them as they become leaders in our community.

I am grateful to all of you who donate to the FVCC Foundation, mentor students, attend campus events, and support the students in your family as they pursue their education. It truly takes a community to grow our educated and skilled workforce and our future leaders, and we could not do it without your ongoing support.

To our 2022 graduates, you have already shown that you are dedicated and determined to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Whatever path you choose, you have earned the education you need to succeed in any endeavor. I admire you and your accomplishments, and am honored to recognize you, the class of ’22.

Congratulations graduates.

Jane A. Karas is President of Flathead Valley Community College.