fvcc logger sports students cutting a log in a logging competition
Nov 29, 2023
Daily Inter Lake

FVCC Logger Sports Team Recognized for Excellence

Flathead Valley Community College’s logger sports team captain Seth Buckman received the Montana Athletes in Service Award from Montana Campus Compact at the recent 122nd Brawl of the Wild Griz-Cat football game in Missoula. 

The award honors student-athletes who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and engagement in community service, positively impacting their local communities. 

Ann Beall, advisor to the logger sports team, nominated Buckman for the award. 

"Seth is a perfect example of someone who pays attention to more than just himself," Beall said. "He leads by example and takes everyone else along with him. His approach to life, his engagement with his fellow teammates and his community, inspires others to get involved and make a difference not only in their immediate community, but hopefully by continuing to participate in civic activities throughout the rest of their lives.” 

Buckman volunteers with Underwater Soldiers, a nonprofit that offers scuba diving therapy to veterans and first responders with physical and mental trauma. He is also a volunteer panel member for Crisis Intervention Training (CIT). Twice a year, the Flathead Valley Sheriff’s Office hosts CIT training where Buckman speaks about topics related to veterans suffering from war trauma and PTSD. 

“I’m honored for the recognition I have received. Helping others has become second nature to me. I will continue to be an advocate for selfless service and to support my community wherever help is needed. I’m driven to serve where I can because I want to help future generations become successful in their own ventures. I don’t know where this path I’m on will take me, but I hope my efforts will allow me to do great things,” says Buckman. “I believe we are the leaders that we have been waiting for, and it is up to us to do what we can so that one day, we can help change the world for the better.” 

The team competed in their first competition of the season at University of Idaho’s Lumberjack Classic in Moscow, Idaho. A record number of nearly 150 competitors attended the fall meet from seven different schools.

Four FVCC team members showcased their skills in an impressive field, earning individual awards in several categories. 

Buckman earned first place in caber toss and sixth in double buck and pulp toss. Mistaya Raiman placed first in horizontal speed chop, second in vertical speed chop, third in caber toss, sixth in pulp toss, as well as fourth for Belle of the Woods. David Wickwire earned second in horizontal hardhit chop and sixth in double buck. New team member Caleb Speed competed in obstacle pole and stock saw. 

The whole team took home valuable competition experience and areas to focus on during practice in preparation for the upcoming spring season. 

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