Aug 10, 2021

FVCC Highlights In-Person Classes and New Programs for Fall Semester

August 5, 2021 — Kalispell, Mont. — Flathead Valley Community College returns to primarily in-person
classes this fall at the Kalispell campus.

“Faculty, staff and students are excited to be back on campus this fall, as our tight-knit campus community
is a unique part of the FVCC experience,” says Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Chris
Clouse. “One of the outstanding things about FVCC is how we connect with students on an individual basis,
and get to know each student that is on campus, and we’re excited to emphasize that connection again
this fall.”

FVCC provides high quality programs for local students of all ages who are looking to start college, return
to classes, or start a new career. Comprehensive campus offerings also assist students looking to complete
a high school equivalency test or those who would like to take a non-credit course for enjoyment, among
many other courses, programs and events.

“Faculty have said that interacting in-person with students to build strong relationships and guide
students toward their academic goals is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching at FVCC,” says
Clouse. “We’re all very enthusiastic about the upcoming semester, with new program offerings and a
renewed excitement to be back in the classroom together – it’s a good time to be at FVCC.”

In March 2020, the campus went to fully online courses in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Academic year 2020-2021 followed with a mix of in-person, online and remote courses.

Clouse clarifies that for some students, online or remote course options were convenient to coordinate
with work and family schedules. “We still have online and remote options to remain flexible with student
and community needs,” says Clouse. “The pandemic helped us to increase online course offerings and
quality while building an even stronger student support network.”

Some operational changes made during the pandemic which ultimately expanded access to student
services will remain in place as well. For example, online advising sessions via Zoom had a high success
rate of connecting with students, as did FVCC’s new digital 360-degree campus tour.

The college has a reputation for adapting to meet community needs to best serve the local area, both
during the pandemic and moving into the post-pandemic future. From coordinating programs with local
employers to bolster the workforce to acknowledging essential skills for education and careers in the
Flathead Valley, matching the needs of the community with education and training is a high priority at

Three new certificate programs are now open for registration to meet the growing workforce and training
needs in the valley. Each program can be completed in one year, and include a Brewery Technician
Certificate, Social Media Marketing Certificate and Biotechnology Certificate. The programs were
developed to directly assist students expanding their skill set in the workplace or moving into a new

Registration is open now for Fall semester at FVCC at or email
Classes begin on August 25, 2021.