Nov 15, 2021

FVCC CARES Program Provides Funds to All FVCC Students

Flathead Valley Community College is proud to announce that grant funding is available for all students for Spring semester through the Department of Education.

The program, locally called ‘FVCC CARES,’ provides grant funding for all students as part of a federal support program stemming from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Act. Amounts vary depending on credit load and income, but range from $110 to over $2,000 per student.

“We appreciate that the Department of Education has provided this funding. At FVCC, we determined all students should receive funds to support college expenses for Spring semester,” says FVCC President Jane Karas. “This is an unprecedented opportunity—ensuring all students receive financial support and allowing them to take additional classes means students can complete their education in less time to benefit the local workforce or to continue their education.”

FVCC Vice President of Finance and Administration Beckie Christiaens explains that funds will be distributed between March 25, 2022 and May 12, 2022 to all students, as long as they have submitted the CARES application at The grants do not require repayment, however students must complete the short CARES application to receive the funds.

“We are thrilled to offer this additional level of financial support to FVCC students of all ages, backgrounds, and income levels,” says Christiaens.

President Karas adds that additional funding for all students may create new opportunities for local students who were not previously planning to attend or return to college.

“FVCC CARES funding allows new and returning students to take classes this spring with additional financial support. This will benefit our many students who are in workforce training programs in areas such as health care or industrial arts and students in transfer programs,” says Karas.

To learn more or apply for FVCC CARES funds, please visit