How do I take the Reading & Writing Placement?

The Reading & Writing Placement is available online through your Student Portal. You are permitted one attempt at the Reading & Writing Placement each semester.

Instructions for taking the Reading & Writing Placement

Step 1: Register to take the Reading & Writing Placement on your Student Portal.

  • Click “admission status”

  • Click “placement

  • Click “register for reading and writing placement”

  • Note: You will need to wait 24 hours until you can access the Reading & Writing Placement on Eagle Online

Step 2: Accessing the Reading & Writing Placement:

  • Go to Eagle Online

  • Log in using your Student Portal username + '' and password

  • Click on “placement testing reading and writing”

  • Watch the video instructions

  • Click on “writing placement”

    • Give yourself approximately one hour to write a short essay response to the prompt provided.

    • You must complete the Writing Placement once you begin, but you have unlimited time.

  • Click on “reading placement”

    • You will then read short essays and answer 25 multiple choice questions.