FVCC is honored to have outstanding faculty and staff on campus to support students, create a vibrant campus culture, and establish an atmosphere of learning and engagement. Contact us with questions or for more information about what we offer at FVCC.

Sandra Sallee
Adjunct Faculty - Humanities
Jeffrey Sanders
Adjunct Faculty - Social Sciences
Grace Schmutz
Instructional Coordinator, Foundational Math Center
Megan Scott Rayome
Program Director, Lincoln County Campus
Lincoln Seals
Welding & Fabrication Instructor
Melanie Settle
Administrative Specialist, Academic Affairs
Jared Shappell
Adjunct Faculty - Machining
Adjunct Faculty - Machining
Nicky Shepard
Adjunct Faculty - Social Science
Rhea Simonson
Adjunct Faculty - Human Services
Michael T. Skinner
Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Lisa Skinner
Adjunct Faculty - Communications
Diane Skyland
Adjunct Faculty, Marketing and Communications
Lisa Slagle
Adjunct Faculty - Graphic Design
Jodi D. Smith
Director, Workforce Training
Walter (Tony) A. Smith
Adjunct Professor - History
Edgar Smith
Adjunct Faculty - Art History
Linda R. Solomon
Adjunct Faculty - Computer Applications
James F. Soular
Instructional Specialist, Writing Lab
Adjunct Faculty - English
Tom Stark
Adjunct Faculty - Survey
Dawn Steele
Controller, Business Services
Debbie Struck
Administrative Specialist, Continuing Education