Need access to a computer lab?


If you are a student of Flathead Valley Community College and you are struggling to find a machine that has the software you need you’re in the right place! FVCC is equipped with many rooms and areas that have college network computers. This page is a list of those labs, where they are located and what programs they have access to.


Programs the college uses on its machines (not all computers have all programs):

  • Windows
  • E-mail programs
  • The Internet
  • Microsoft Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • Databases (Visual Studio Code, MySql)
  • QuickBooks
  • Computer Networking
  • Network Security (F-Secure, Cyberlink)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Programming Languages (VSC, Text Wrangler, Coda, XAMPP, NetBeans, etc.)
  • Forestry Software (CalcPlot 3D, Desmos, LoggerPro)
  • Advanced Mathematics (MatLab 2018a, ShareLaTeX 2.8MathCAD Prime 3.2, GeoGebra)
  • Computer-Aided Drafting (AutoCAD Civil 3-D, MathCAD 15, SolidWorks 2018-2019, MasterCAM 2018)
  • Website Development (Text Wrangler, VSC, Coda, Dreamweaver)
  • Jewerly Making (Rhinoceros 5.0, Gemvision Matrix 9)
  • Medical Programs (F-Secure Client Security, eClinicalWorks, BSL/BIOPAC)

For more information about lab schedules please click HERE.

For more detail maps of the campus click HERE.

For more information on remote learning click HERE.


This map shows the general location of computers that are accessible to all FVCC students.

The maps below show in detail the computer labs open to all current students of FVCC.

This is a detail of the caption explaining the maps below color coding.

The lower level of the Arts and Technology Building has two PC labs (AT105 and AT122) equipped with many Adobe and Microsoft programs along with jewelry-making applications. AT 122 is a classroom so click here for availability.

The upper level of the Arts and Technology Building has a cutting edge MAC lab (AT243) equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud Master Suites, Microsoft Programs as well as basic coding programs.  AT243 is also a classroom so click here for availability.

The Business and Social Sciences Building has four large PC labs equipped with Microsoft and Adobe applications. BBS138 also has many programs for coding and database design. BSS137 is set up with software for networking and securities. BSS134, BSS135, BSS137 and BSS138 are also classrooms so click here for availability.

Ross Hall’s RH139 has basic Microsoft programs but is always available to study. The other RH labs are classrooms so click here for availability, RH140-141 are set up with advanced mathematics software.

The center section of the Broussard Library is always available with basic programs like Microsoft Office. The library also has a VR studio (BL209) and a video recording studio (BL210), click here to make an appointment.

Basic programs like Microsoft Office are available in BC120 in Rebecca Chaney Broussard Center along with Medical and Nursing software. This is also a classroom so click here for availability.

The Occupational Trades Building not only provides basic programs like Microsoft Office but advanced Computer Aided Drafting and Design software in OT112. This lab is earmarked for students of the Occupational Trades Program and is also a classroom, so click here to check availability.