Our Mission

The Flathead Valley Community College Service Learning program promotes volunteerism and civic engagement among Flathead Valley Community College students.  The program continually strives to enrich the FVCC experience while also meeting the needs of the local community.

  • We will encourage community service endeavors that enhance students’ academic learning and leadership skills.
  • We will work with students to create Service Learning projects that meet their course needs and structure.
  • We will recognize community needs and address them through our efforts and volunteer efforts of our students.
  • We will be responsive to the needs of FVCC administration, faculty, staff and students in order to make Service Learning a sustainable aspect of FVCC education.

What is Service Learning?

Service Learning is an exciting educational opportunity that matches FVCC students with local community service projects.  While meeting community needs, students gain valuable hands-on experience that will reinforce academic learning and improve leadership skills.  Only 15 hours of service is required!

Why Should I Volunteer?

Some instructors require a certain amount of volunteer work for their classes.  Other instructors offer extra credit for volunteering.  The Service Learning office can place you in a non-profit agency, organization or school where you can earn the required hours or extra credit.

When you complete the required 15 hours of community service within a semester, a “Service Learning Indicator” will appear on your transcript. This indicator looks great on applications and resumes for scholarships and employment.

Who Qualifies to Participate?

Every student qualifies!  However, it is important to check with our office to be sure your instructor has agreed to offer Service Learning in his or her class.  Some instructors allow students to volunteer in any way the student chooses, while other instructors require that their students volunteer in a specific capacity or at a specific project.

For more information contact Wendy Jeschke, Student Engagement Coordinator
Blake Hall Room 155 at (406) 756-3908 or email wjeschke@fvcc.edu