How do I know if I qualify to earn 6 credits tuition free?
If you have lived in MT for one year or more and are a MT resident, you qualify to take 6 credits tuition free. Subsequent credits are offered at a significantly reduced rate.

What’s the difference between dual enrollment and concurrent enrollment?
Dual enrollment (Running Start) means that a student is enrolled in high school and college at the same time. Concurrent enrollment courses are FVCC courses taught within the high schools—usually for dual credit (college and high school credit).

How do I know if I get college and high school credit for a course?
Students in the Running Start Program will generate a college transcript and earn college credit for all of the courses taken. Students need to discuss whether or not they will earn high school credit with their high school counselor.

Will the college credits transfer at any school that I choose?
FVCC is an accredited college, so credits transfer seamlessly to colleges and universities across the nation. If you plan on going out of state then the college you are applying for will determine which credits transfer. It is always best to plan with an advisor to ensure transfer credits.

How much money could I save with Running Start?
The first 6 credits are tuition free for Running Start students. After that they pay half-tuition, no institutional fees. (~$845 if they take 18 credits over their junior and senior year of high school). At other Montana University System (MUS) Universities you can pay more than $6,000 for 18 credits of coursework.

How many courses can I take?
There is no limit on the number of courses students can take through the Running Start Program, but it is important to maintain a balance of classes with other obligations and avoid overloading yourself with too many classes.

How will this experience prepare me for college or post high school?
In short, you will save time, money, and ease the transition into professional careers or further education.

Can homeschool students participate in Running Start?
Yes. We require homeschool students to provide their high school transcript. If registering for more than 5 credits in a semester, proof of two MMR immunizations is required.

What kind of assistance will be provided to students?
Running Start students can use all of the student support resources available on campus. Some of these resources include: writing and math labs, career advising, counseling and intramurals.