In online and hybrid learning environments, students must meet certain expectations in order to have a successful experience. Some of these are listed below. Your instructor may have additional or more specific expectations.

  • Students are expected to have consistent and regular access to a computer with internet service.
  • Students are expected and required to check into the course on a consistent and frequent basis.
  • Students are expected to have appropriate software and technology as required by their instructor.
  • Students are expected and required to read the course content inclusive of the homepage, course syllabus, module content, and to read and follow the semester calendar.
  • Students are expected and required to communicate with the instructor on a regular basis to ask questions, report issues, get clarification on assignment and/or assessments, and to generally keep an open line of communication on course progress.
  • Students are expected to participate in online discussions and other communications with fellow students in a positive and professional manner.
  • Students are expected to meet deadlines as indicated by the instructor.
  • Students are responsible for responding to instructor email/feedback/communication and fellow student communication within a reasonable time frame. A recommendation is within 48 hours.