The Student Portal and Eagle Mail are separate network systems from Eagle Online. The Portal gives students access to their FVCC accounts, registration, schedules, transcripts, etc. Some instructors may use the Portal for grades, to share class materials, and other available functions. Students will be informed of this in class.

There are different types of online learning:

  • Online courses—these courses are fully online.
    Fully online courses have no requirement for coming to campus or meeting face-to-face with instructors and take place completely online. However, online courses are not self-paced. Students are responsible for accessing their courses promptly and for meeting course due dates and deadlines. These courses will have section numbers in the 80’s in semester schedules.
  • Interactive Television course (ITV)—these are courses presented over an interactive television network between FVCC and partners at other locations.
  • Hybrid Courses—these courses are part face-to-face and part online.
    Hybrid courses replace some face-to-face time with an online requirement, but there will still be some required meetings on campus. These courses will have section numbers in the 90’s in semester schedules.
  • Face-to-Face FVCC Classes – All FVCC classes have access to Eagle Online. Eagle Online may also be used to support face-to-face classes.  Instructors will inform students of this in class.

Programs and courses offered online

With current offerings, it is possible for students to earn a General Studies AA or AS degree entirely online. This means all Core/General Courses are offered online. For more specific courses of study and transfer programs, please consult an academic advisor.

The registration process for online classes is the same as for all other FVCC classes


The application procedure is the same for online classes as any other FVCC classes. Apply for Admission


Your  academic advisor helps you with registration, new student orientation, and navigation through your academic courses. Academic Advisors can also connect you to academic support services such as tutoring, disability services, career advising, and more.  Degree seeking students and Running Start students are required to meet with an advisor before they may register. Although not required, non-degree students are welcome to meet or speak with an advisor.

  • To schedule an appointment with a Student Support Center Advisor please call (406) 756-3880. If you are unable to come to campus, you may request a phone appointment. In order to better serve you, please be sure to be near a computer with internet access for your phone appointment.

For more information, visit Academic Advising

Placement Testing

Most students are required to take placements tests prior to enrolling in courses.  Information and instructions on the placement process are available on the Placement Testing web page.

Financial Aid

There is no distinction between for-credit online classes and for-credit face-to-face classes with respect to financial aid. Students taking online classes for credit may also apply for financial aid. Please consult the Financial Aid web page for information about available Financial Aid.

Course Schedule

Semester course schedules with full class details may be found on our website. Registration for classes can be done online through the Student Portal.

When Classes Start

Online classes become open to students on the first day of the semester or scheduled start day of the class.  Students in online classes are expected login to the class on the first day of their courses.