Orientation for New and Returning Students
The Eagle Online Student Orientation is both a sample course and presents basic information about navigation and using Eagle Online.

To view it as a guest, go to Eagle Online login page and enter:

Click the silver START button under Learn to Use Eagle Online on the landing page.  Try it out and see if it is a good fit for you!

You may access the Student Orientation at any time if you are looking for information or as a refresher.  Login to Eagle Online and select Eagle Online Student Orientation from your course selector or click the silver START button under Learn to Use Eagle Online on the landing page.

NOTE:  Some instructors may require students to complete the Eagle Online Student Orientation.

FVCC Helpdesk

Phone:  (406) 756-3930

Having trouble logging in or another question about Eagle Online?  The HelpDesk is available from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.  If you call and do not reach a live person, leave a message or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For navigational questions, you may also consult the Student Orientation.  Must be logged into Eagle Online.

NOTE:  The Online Helpdesk is for technical questions regarding Eagle Online or other FVCC tech systems.  If you have questions about registration or programs, please contact Student Support Center: (406) 756-3880 or your Academic Advisor.

External Tools and Systems
Some classes utilize online systems that are outside of Eagle Online.  They have various levels of integration capability with Eagle Online.  They may require that students set up an account, enter an access code, and/or have a separate login.  When access codes are required, they are often part of a textbook purchase, which has been arranged by the instructor with the FVCC Bookstore, so bear in mind that acquiring textbooks from elsewhere may not provide the code needed.

Some external tools/systems may be embedded right in your class and some may only have links from it.  Every effort is made to streamline and integrate the various systems.  Instructors will provide directions regarding access, use, and expectations of these systems.  If any difficulty is encountered, contact the course instructor first and if he/she cannot assist, you will be directed to the appropriate place for help.  This could be a support person on campus, the Bookstore, or tech support for the publisher.

External Tools and System commonly utilized:

  • Google Apps/Classroom
  • Pearson MyLabsPlus and MyLabs & Mastering
  • Alex
  • LaunchPad
  • Immerse2Learn
  • Cengage MindTap
Taking Tests Online
Online Security during tests

Some instructors may require the use of Respondus Lockdown Browser for online tests.  This is a function that disables access to everything on the computer except the test while taking it.  If Respondus Lockdown Browser is required, instructions to activate it will be in the test directions.

Proctored tests

Some instructors may require tests for online classes to be proctored (monitored).  FVCC has a proctoring service.  Local students may use the Test Center on campus.  Students who are out of the area may collaborate with the Proctor to set up a location where the test can be taken.  Course information will indicate if proctoring is required.  Please expect that some time may be needed to process requests and schedule or start the process for setting up off-campus proctoring early.

Test Center Information web page

FVCC Bookstore
Textbooks for college courses are sold through the Flathead Valley Community College Bookstore located in Blake Hall/SCA 164. The Bookstore stocks textbooks (new and used), school supplies, study aids, computer supplies, postage stamps, snack items, college T-shirts and sweatshirts, greeting cards and gift items. The Bookstore accepts VISA and Master Cards.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  Students should be aware that textbooks sold in the Bookstore are often bundled with homework system access codes or materials requested by the instructor or set up specifically for the class.  Alternate suppliers may not provide these access codes or materials and it may or may not be possible to purchase separately.

Online students can purchase texts through the FVCC Bookstore web page.


Many helpful library resources can be accessed online. The Montana Shared Library Catalog, a variety of databases for research and Homework Montana (Online Test Prep and Tutoring) can be accessed remotely.

Go to the Library web page

Student Portal
The Student Portal is used for administrative purposes.  There is a link to Eagle Online from the portal landing page, but students do not need to login to the portal to access Eagle Online.

Access your Student Portal.

For assistance with the student portal (password reset, tech support), please contact the MIS Helpdesk.  Call 406-756-3930 or email helpdesk@fvcc.edu.