Resources on Related Educational Theory

If there’s one inextricable element to teaching and learning it would be communication. Online instructors and students often face considerable challenges in this regard. In a conventional lecture hall, where students and instructors are in the same room, a full range of verbal and non-verbal communication bolsters student success. Conversely, communication of all kinds is challenging in an online class environment.

A considerable body of evidence suggests that compared to traditional video lecture formats, Lightboard lessons will prove to be superior when it comes to student learning for a variety of reasons, including

  • Visible instructors promote learner motivation
  • Visible instructors provide a guide through an otherwise difficult domain
  • Perception of student instructor relationships are fortified by the physical presence of an instructor. Students work harder to understand the lesson when they feel the presence of an instructor.
  • Online students learn best when lessons are personalized and they involve onscreen coaching
  • Gesture, and nonverbal communication is a critical factor in learning environments.


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